Thursday, May 6, 2010

Back in the Big Apple!

We are at it again! Gavin's 2nd cycle of 3F8 has been quit rough!!! He is so tough and handles things like he's bullet proof! We got out here at 6:00am Monday morning! Had to be to the hospital by 9:30am so I didn't get much sleep at all and we waited 6 hours to get a room to start his injection. He handled the first day very well! Still had alot of pain but he has learned to breath through it and knows just the "right words" to say to make it feel better! (which are words most parents would be embarressed to hear come from their child!!!) Tuesday was pretty smooth, no pain till the injection was done and the flush started! In saying that, he still had to use all his "rescues" (5 doses of dilauded) Wednesday was HORRIBLE! His IV blew out so they had to place a new one which was extremely painful, the pain from 3F8 started half way through injection and lasted about 15 minutes then to top that off he broke out in hives that affected his "nether regions" and the roof of his mouth! He keep screaming he was on fire :( it was pure HELL! Today has been alot better. He amazes me, watching him go through this and how he learned to breath through the pain and rather then saying, make it stop, he just askes, through gritted teeth "how many more minutes, mom" I'm telling you all.... I have given birth to an Angel! He keeps me going, makes me smile and the Love I have for this boy is a love i know I will never feel for anyone else (besides his brother, of course!!!) I'll try to update more often but life has been crazy in SL and then coming to NY is just as insane!!!! Please keep my little man in your prayers, Lord knows he deserves them!!!! Love, Jamie