Monday, March 29, 2010

Gavin next to the "Statue of Liberty!"At the M & M factory!

I just LOVE how these pictures turned out!!! so so cute :)
And the Blue M & M!!
Can't forget the Red one!!!

Gavin get's his picture taken with a performer in times square!!! We went to Bubba Gump for dinner! It was so good and Gavin says they have the BEST Ribs ever! Even better then Papa's!!! (shhh, don't tell Brad that!)
His FAVORITE ribs ever!!!
Gavin loved seeing this! He couldn't beleive cops GOT to ride horses!!!
And here's TIMES SQUARE! Kinda cool seeing something you would normally only see in the movies!!! We had so much fun!

Inside the Toys R Us in Times Square!! Gavin and I on the ferris wheel in times square!!! He was so so excited!
Gavin with some of his new friends! Dimitri (white shirt) and the boy in red is from Greece and can't speak english so we've never learned his name!!! (both are fighting Neuroblastoma!)
Gavin and some more of his friends. Antwanet (pink shirt) Dasia (purple hat) and Ryan! All 3 are also fighting Neuroblastoma!
Playing B-I-N-G-O

One of the fun nights here at the House! A fire fighter came in and made balloons for all the kids and did magic tricks! The "trump palace"... Gavin was amazed atthe hight of this buliding!!! "WOW!!!"
Where he had to get his Bone Marrows... Poor baby! He had to get the front and the back done!

And the front shot! He's such a little trooper!

In Central Park!!! It's so cool how you can see the city in the background!!!

We found this resturant in Central Park where you can rent these row boats! Gavin had to talk me into going! I'm not gonna lie, I was a bit nervous but now i'm so glad we did it! He had tonz of fun!!! Gavin took this picture of me! I look like trash but he did a great job!!!

Gavin on the row boat!!! he's such a cute little adventurer!!!

Gavin took this picture!! I think he's a natural!!! Good job little man!

It was so bright and warm!!! What good timing for a row boat ride!!!

Gavin just had to take this picture of me after I took one of him by this statue! He did a really good job! This is in Central Park!!!
Gavin by the statue in Central Park! He thought this was reallly cool! "It's so huge!!!"

My sweet little angel baby! I love the way this picture turned out! He's so beautiful :)

I promise he's not licking the chain! I think I would just die if he did! He had so much fun at this park! This is also in Central Park!

He just couldn't beleive there was a McDonald's in New York too!!! This just made his day!!!

This is Gavin's Skeleton! He had to get this test done to make sure there was no new growth! If there was it would light up brighter then his bones! During the MIBG scan! this machine is HUGE!!! Way bigger then the one at Primary Childrens! This test last's 90 minutes and he had to lay very still, like a statue or they would have had to sedate him!!! He did GREAT!!! He layed there, so still, the whole time!
It was really sunny on the walk to the hospital and he wasn't in the best mood, kept freaking out about the sun in his eyes so I gave him my sunglasses to wear!!!

Waiting so patiently in the hospital for his MIBG scan!!! He's such a love!!!

The Ronald McDonald house as people come in every night to entertain the kids! This was the first night in the house!!! They had "broadway night" the kids LOVED it!!!

New York City!!!

As many of you know, We have come to New York City to the Memorial Sloan-Ketting hospital for Gavin's treatments! We are having so much fun here! This is a photo of him in the Salt Lake Airport waiting for our plane to New York! It's been a once in a life time oppertunity that, unfortunatly we'll be doing 7 more times (or more!) The Hospital here is amazing and the people here are very friendly! I plan on keeping this up to date (since i haven't been doing a good job thus far!) with all the news and fun things we are doing while here! We left Salt Lake on Sunday, March 21st at 11:50pm and arrived in New York at 6:25am the following morning! Our first appointment was at 2 o'clock that afternoon! The news i've learned is very promising with some being a bit discouraging! I still feel really good about this treatment and have all the faith that it will help Gavin to the fullest! Please enjoy the pictures of some of the fun things we've been able to do thus far!!!